Saturday, January 21, 2017

Sometimes You Have to Go to SoundCloud and Find Some Different Music.

People shit on Sound cloud. If you have your music on there, you're not a real artist. It's the Clips4Sale of music.  I love it. I listen to music that's not on the radio. Hell, I haven't listen to the radio in years.  You can find some great beat makers on sound cloud that favors Nujabes and J Dilla.
IT's not secret I hate this era of music. All genres are half assed
I'm going to make a week post of the best Sound cloud artist.  Don't know what day but stay tuned.

It's Good to See this Blogger Account is Still Active.

It's been a long time since I been on Blogger. A lot has happened. It's a new year and America took it's 8 years break to be it's self again. The people have the President this current era deserves. We're in a "Fake It Til You Make It" era. So enjoy the next 4 or 8 years.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

How I got here?

I have no idea.
A lot of people say it's heart.
You got the heart ,Pax.
They all say that.
Friends. Family. People who known me for a long time.

You have the heart.
I guess that's what helps when the chips are down.
You don't give up no matter what happens to obtain your goals.
I'm not going to lie.
I get tired.
I reach my limits.
I go to the point of saying " Fuck it" and move on.
But i can't do that.
So my mind will be forever decorated with old, reopened and new battle scars.
A lot is riding on what i do including futures of those who don't know who the fuck i am.
I know you read it before.

Samurai Champloo AMV: Gang Starr - Battle

Cameron Reid & AIM is like Biggie to Me

I never was a fan of Biggie Smalls. I'm not a big fan of AIM.I don't know who Cameron Reid is. I don't knock anybody that are fans. I respect people's opinions about either.

But I don't like seeing bullshit or wrong doing towards some one rather i dislike them or not.

Now you all know the big story.
For some reason Cameron Reid aka Patient Zeta decide to go to the LA Times and speak out about what happened. Here's the article.

So this dumb ass sound like an CAL Osha spokesperson.
 Hold up.
Before I get into this with my own views here's something from Mike South site.



So let's get the fact together. Reid say he did the scene with a condom but not for oral sex. He knows that the gay side of porn done get tested for any STDS. He still did the scenes knowing he could catch STDS form the gay scenes. Notice he didn't say he caught it form the straight side. He also claim it's from a shoot but as you seen in Mike South's blog the dude did escorting bareback aka raw aka no condoms.

You know when this claim out i thought this was an CAL Osha tactic. Look like I'm right.
The dude claiming up and down to make condoms mandatory even in straight porn.Once again this dude did gay porn knowing that they don't test and how sexually irresponsible they are. He just mad that now his family know he was doing gay porn. You see how he kept mentioning his "girlfriend".

Bottom line and the motherfucking points are:

  1. This dude knew what he was getting into. He lived a secret life and now it's in the light. I have no idea what he tried to proved in his story but it's giving Cal Osha a victory over all porn.He saying testing is not a goo way of protecting your self form STDS is stupid. If the guys he fucked was tested, he would have known about their status. He also help CAL OSHA with their legal move on companies in Florida.
  2. Gay porn is fucking our industry up for both side of the industry. These companies carelessness is causing us a big pain in the ass which they're enjoying right now. I feel bad or who ever support gay rights because this shit putting all that work in the Deloren and back to 500 BC. To all those supporting gay rights, you can't claim hate when a large group of your lifestyle is performing acts of bio terrorism on the industry and the American people. I'm not anti gay. i really hope the Gay Adult community and the Gay community get together and change something. i understand gay dude want to see porn. They have that right. Right now, Gay porn is unsafe and those guy who do both straight and gay porn sure stop doing straight porn. Until the gay adult community take action, start testing and claim responsibly, there should be a ban on gay porn and the crossover of gay performer acting in straight sex scenes. i know there are big name male talent who do both and are responsible. They make sure their co worker and their own health is first.I respect them. Y'all seen me on twitter saying that.
  3. Aim sorry asses need to crack down on gay companies who don't test their talents. AIM claim once again to be the guardian of the industry and they constantly fucks up.  The gay side is part of the adult industry so why the fuck they're not regulating them? AIM is not doing their job and it's costing all of us. I never trusted them for years and every year they do something to prove my points. It's like fighting a dude who kicks his own ass.
  4. Cal Osha is winning. So we as an industry need to act like a business. Take care of your hired talent. Get these tests done. fuck this lazy ass high school mindset that these people aren't your responsibly. they are.We need to stop acting scared and speak out for change. If we don't do it, somebody else will and we will not like it. This discourage new talent and the current talent from working in this industry.
Y'all comment and let me know what y'all think.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Bout Time Cal/OSHA did something right.

Cal OSHA  finally did their job. They finally did research instead of blindly attacking every porn company.

For those who don't know what's going on, let me explain.


The Division of Occupational Safety and Health, better known as Cal/OSHA, protects workers and the public from safety hazards through its Occupational Safety and Health, elevator, amusement ride, aerial tramway, ski lift and pressure vessel inspection programs, and also provides consultative assistance to employers.

Now you guys know about the last two HIV scare that the so call watch dog to make sure nobody don't get the shit AIM epically fail to stop. Well Cal Osha feels that it should take over and want to make condoms mandatory in porn to protect the performers. That's their job. There are companies who don't give a fuck about performers catching STDS on their set.There are some who take care of the talents and make sure they don't catch any STDS on set.
So Cal Osha for the last few months attack the whole industry for not using condoms in their scenes. They also said that using testing to prevent stds is like using a pregnancy test to prevent pregnancy. Real quote. 
So for a while i thought Cal /Osha was attacking Straight Sex companies until recently this happened.
Now everybody in the industry knows that most of the gay porn industry companies don't test their talent. They just use condoms in their scenes. Gay talent only get tested when they crossover and do a scene with a woman. The last HIV scare was a male talent that did both straight and gay porn.
So Cal Osha is finally going after companies who are irresponsible and making them pay. I hope they go after all the straight and gay companies who don't look out and protect the talent of this industry. Nobody deserve to get an STDS out of carelessness. 
The bottom line is if the industry would treat this as a business and not a quick money scheme and take care of talent. 

Fame and Stuck up Nobodies

So A friend and I was talking this weekend about how some women in the adult industry don't do shit but want to be all hollywood.
One example is: My friend interview celebrities  and heavy hitters. So he ask this new girl in the industry for an interview she told him  she charge $300 an hour for interviews. Now this girl did one scene and thinks she's this major star. The dude interview a listers for free.
She's not the only one.

It's a growing number of women and men who do little shit on the web that think they're fucking making 12 billion dollars a year or make a lot of life changing plans.

ANother example: YG.
You don't know who he is. Good. I didn't either until i went to LA this year.  This dude made this very Downlow  brothers anthem called Toot it and Boot it. It was a hit in LA. He was performing at The Urban x awards.
Last minute dude got a new manager and made up a new contract after signing one with the event organizers.
This is what he requested.

This dude acting like he's Jay-z.
He's a one hit wonder and his little fame went to his head.
He did a whack performance at the show.

See a lot of people with no talent or with some talent get a big head.

I experienced this a lot here in Atlanta.
I was with a fake company who did nothing but create a buzz about what they're about to do and go to parties.
They act like they're the biggest company in Atlanta but don't have shit of their work.
I left them and now working with people who actually do shit and get recognized for it.
I notice people who are really famous and about their business are humble as hell.
They don't go around stepping on people, putting them down, and adding " Greatest So So ever" title.

It's mostly people who have low self esteem who get a little attention who act like stuck up ass bitches.
It shows through their twitter and facebook.
These people want to brag about being the greatest in their make believe world.
It's sad.
People should get a big head over little bit of attention.

You can't be the greatest of anything of you only did it one time or have one thing out.

I blame Biggie for this.